What's new: offering 529s.


Call now to order the 2018 year-end client postcard! It’s a great reminder to your clients that now is the time to save for college. We promise this one will stand out in the mail.

Did you know?

  • Education savings accounts have many advantages, and the latest legislative changes have provided additional benefits. Learn how these changes will impact you here.
  • 2018 contributions no longer have to be received by December 31st to qualify for the tax credit. Instead, make sure your clients initiate or postmark their contributions by December 31st to be eligible. Read about other important year end contribution information here.
  • We're making CollegeChoice Advisor safer with two-factor authentication.
  • Computers are now considered a qualified higher education expense.
  • Beneficiaries with multiple 529 accounts may now keep them separate.
  • Grandparent 529 distributions made during junior year needn't be reported on FAFSA. Call now to order our Grandparent Card.