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We offer proven tools at every stage of the prospecting process, from telephone scripts to emails and traditional mailings. To order any of the materials below, call the CollegeChoice Advisor Sales Support Desk at 1-866-485-9419.

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Support for employers


An employer overview of the benefits of offering a 529 plan in the workplace. FINRA

Tools for clients

10 Tips to Navigate Financial Aid

Help your clients understand the basics of financial aid, and how they can make the most of their education dollars. FINRA

Financial Aid ABCs

A summary of key financial aid terms and information to help you prepare for financial aid questions. FINRA

CollegeChoice Advisor Seminar PowerPoint Presentation Template

A PPT deck for financial professionals to use when speaking to prospective clients. Subjects include the costs of education, features and benefits of the CollegeChoice Advisor plan, Investment Options, and so much more.FINRA

10 tips for smarter distributions

Learn how to help clients create a spending strategy, minimize the impact of distributions on financial aid eligibility, and more. FINRA

Balancing Education and Retirement

Learn about common misconceptions that your clients may have when saving for both college and retirement so that you can help them achieve their savings goals. FINRA

K-College Savings

Education savings accounts have many advantages, and the latest legislative changes have been provided additional benefits. Learn how these changes will impact you. FINRA

Tax Benefits

Learn how a CollegeChoice Advisor 529 Savings Plan account can help your client save — while they invest in their future student.  FINRA

Grandparent Card

For current clients who have grandchildren, use this card to start a dialogue about college saving. FINRA

Estate Planning Flyer

Learn the importance of estate planning with 529 plans. FINRA

CollegeChoice Advisor Prospecting Letter

Start the conversation with this letter. Simply download the content and copy it into your letterhead. FINRA

CollegeChoice Advisor Informational Flyer

A great take-away for seminars or leave-behind for office waiting rooms. Simply add your contact information in the customizable section. FINRA

CollegeChoice Advisor Coloring Activity Book

Games, mazes, and spelling scrambles for little ones. FINRA

Employer Payroll Deduction Enrollment Procedures

Help businesses roll out 529 payroll deductions to their workforce. FINRA

Employee Payroll Deduction Enrollment Procedures

Help employees set up payroll deductions for their 529 plan account. FINRA

CollegeChoice Advisor College Saving Infographic

With more and more families thinking about saving for college every year, many don't know how and where to begin. Consider the following facts on saving for college. FINRA

Paying for College

This fact sheet navigates the many options for funding higher education expenses. FINRA


An overview of CollegeChoice Advisor, including benefits and investments. (This is an excellent introduction of the Plan for prospects or at seminars.)

College Savings Comparison Chart

Compares the differences among the various college savings vehicles available to your clients - 529s, UGMA/UTMAs, Coverdells, and savings bonds.