529 QuickView®: Your one-stop resource for easy 529 account management. 


Get immediate online access to your clients' Ascensus-administered 529 plans with 529 QuickView®. No more sorting through stacks of paper, fumbling through files, or waiting for the latest account information to be mailed.

With 529 QuickView®, you have one-stop access for answers to your clients' account questions with data that is easily downloadable to your desktop. You see the same screens as your clients once they log in, so you can easily conduct online transactions including contributions, qualified withdrawals, allocation changes, annual exchanges, and transfers (with client approval).

529 QuickView® can better serve your clients and support your business. Useful reports include:

  • Annual account investment
  • Client fund account balance
  • Approaching beneficiary birthday
  • Year to date contribution
  • Approaching college age

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