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Enrollment Kit

Read the Program Description before opening an account as it contains important information you need to know before investing.

Enrollment Kit Components:

Product Brochure

An overview of the features and benefits of CollegeChoice Advisor. FINRA

Program Disclosure Statement

Important information about the plan, investments, expenses, and transactions.

Enrollment Form

Use this Enrollment Form, only in conjunction with a financial advisor, to open a CollegeChoice Advisor account.

Incoming Rollover Form

Request a direct rollover from another qualified 529 plan or Education Savings Account to a CollegeChoice Advisor account

Advisor Fact Sheet

Overview of the CollegeChoice Advisor Plan for financial advisors.

Employer slimline

An excellent overview of the benefits of offering a 529 plan in the workplace. FINRA


Concise, 3-panel overview of CollegeChoice Advisor, including benefits and investments. An excellent introduction of the Plan for prospects or at seminars.

Prospecting tools Perform
Conservative 529 plan investments (PDF)

Client-facing piece that spotlights the conservative investment opportunities that are available in a 529 plan. FINRA

Saving versus borrowing (PDF)

A client-facing piece that illustrates how much more it could cost them to borrow funds for college instead of saving. FINRA

Financial Aid Summary

A summary of key financial aid information to help you prepare for financial aid questions. FINRA

College Savings Comparison Chart

Use this comprehensive comparison chart to understand the differences among the various college savings vehicles available to your clients - 529s, UGMA/UTMAs, Coverdells, and savings bonds.

A College Savings Seminar

Public seminar that discusses the cost of a college education, an overview of 529 plans, and the unique features of CollegeChoice Advisor.

Accelerated Gifting

Description of the extended gift tax benefits available with a 529 college savings plan.

CollegeChoice Advisor Prospecting Letter

Start the conversion with this letter. Simply download the content and copy it into your letterhead.

CollegeChoice Advisor Prospecting Email

Email for clients and prospects that highlights the benefits of a 529 plan.

CollegeChoice Advisor Informational Flyer

A great take-away for seminars or leave-behind for office waiting rooms. Simply add your contact information in the customizable section.

CollegeChoice Advisor Phone Script

Key talking points to help explain the Plan's benefits and encourage enrollment.

CollegeChoice Advisor Coloring Activity Book

Games, mazes, and spelling scrambles for your little ones.

Contribution Gift Certificate for Grandparents

These attractive gift certificates acknowledge a contribution to an existing CollegeChoice Advisor account. These certificates can be downloaded, printed and given to client.

Employer Payroll Deduction Enrollment Procedures

Help businesses roll out 529 payroll deductions to their workforce. FINRA

Employee Payroll Deduction Enrollment Procedures

Help employees set up payroll deductions for their 529 plan account. FINRA

CollegeChoice Advisor Infographic (PDF)

More and more families are thinking about college every year, which means they need to start saving. But many don't know how and where to begin. Consider the following facts on saving for college.

Fact or fiction

This piece dispels many 529 myths and serves as a great conversation starter.

Paying for college

This client friendly fact sheet navigates the many options for funding higher education expenses.

Forms Perform
Account Information Change Form

Complete this form to change a name, the account owner, the beneficiary information, mailing address, phone number, successor owner, or interested party information on your client's account.

Automatic Investment/Electronic Transfer Form

Start, change, or stop automatic bank transfer contributions or to add or change bank information for electronic contributions to your account.

Broker-Dealer Change Form

Change broker/dealer information.

Beneficiary Change Form

Change the beneficiary on an account or transfer a portion of the account assets to a new beneficiary's account.

Make a contribution/withdrawal Perform
Additional Contribution Form

Make additional contributions to a CollegeChoice Advisor account.

Exchange/Future Contribution (Allocation) Form

Move money within a Plan account to a different investment option (allowed twice per calendar year) or to change investment options for future contributions (allowed anytime).

Incoming Rollover Form

Request a direct rollover from another qualified 529 plan or Coverdell to a CollegeChoice Advisor account. (Note: This is an editable pdf; fill it in online and print it out.)

Payroll Deduction Form

Start, change, or stop automatic contributions from your client's payroll. (Note: The client's employer must offer an automatic payroll deduction plan.)

Distribution Request Form

Request a withdrawal from your client's account.

Other forms Perform
Limited Power of Attorney Form

Grant another person or organization limited authority to act on your CollegeChoice Advisor account(s).

Organization Resolution Form

Identify the officers or other persons who are authorized to conduct transactions on a CollegeChoice Advisor account(s) on behalf of an organization.

Power of Attorney Form

Grant another person or organization authority to act on your CollegeChoice Advisor account(s).

Purchase at Portfolio Unit Value

Complete this load-waived Class A form to qualify for sales charge waivers.